Discovering Potential * Inspiring Success

Inspire Success provides individualized programs for each student.  In order to gain insight about each student's needs and learning style, an initial assessment will be completed.  This provides us with the information needed to build their program.

The assessment tests specific mental abilities. It not only measures basic abilities, but also shows the effects of language, attention and motor abilities on test performance. Results are interpreted in terms of intellect as well as important behavioral domains.

The program we develop for our students is built surrounding their individual needs and learning style.  This allows the students the best opportunity to excel within their program. 

Our experienced tutors focus on creating a positive report with students and have the flexibility to meet your family's active lifestyle.  We work with all subjects in the Ontario Curriculum, JK - Grade 8.  Our professional tutors' backgrounds and experience based insights fuel our approach and our passion for helping children.

We value communication and working together as a team to ensure positive results as we inspire your child to reach their full potential.